Christmas Care Package


I’m off on a whirlwind tour of friends and family and the raptor’s 30th but, before I go, I thought I’d put together a care package for those who want to keep thinking about storytelling through the holiday season. This is kind of also a place to collate all the interesting links and tutorials that I haven’t really found time to blog about properly over the last couple of months.

First up is a BBC Radio Four programme by Robert McCrum called The Sins of Literature. There are three episodes, called Thou Shalt Not Bore, Thou Shalt Not Hide and Thou Shalt Not Steal. The broadcasting is slightly monotone but stick with it – the content is worth it. I hope those readers not based in the UK can access it – if not, let me know in the comments and I’ll do a summary of each one next year.

Next are two videos from the guys over at Extra Credits – one on symbolism and one on creating female characters. Both are things I have blogged about in the second half of this year but I like the way EC covers stuff, particularly from a slightly tangential perspective, so here you go:

And finally, because it’s Christmas, a bit of fun. I hope you all have wonderful breaks and I’ll talk to you again when I’ve time-travelled to 2014!

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