Happy New Year!


Welcome, 2014. Given how rubbish the last days of 2013 were (badly leaking roof and a very mean spider), it’s a pleasure to see your January lights hove into view. It’s interesting how much symbolism we put on the start of a new calendar year, even though to all intents and purposes December 31st is exactly the same as January 1st. Stories to make the long cold dark bearable, and to bring hope of Spring. Even if the names of the days and dates have changed, that hope for improvement is as old as imagination. 

Speaking of improvement, I’m pleased to say I’ve met my self-determined target of completing the first draft of Corpus by the end of 2013. I hope it’s a better book than Spiritus. I’ve certainly learned a lot from the experience of writing both, including the determination to write chronologically and not keep hopping backwards every time I have an idea for how to do some already-written passage differently. Copious notes and keeping on track means I finished draft 1 in four months, rather than Spiritus‘ eight. Not a bad rate of improvement, I think. Now onwards to draft 2!



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