Mad Genius Club – a group of writers in the US, blogging about writing and publishing

Kristen Lamb’s Blog – an author blogging about anything and everything, including how to write

Writing and Rambling – a US literary agent blogging about the industry and how to get published

Andrew Knighton Writes – a friend and short story author blogging about the ups and downs of a writing career

Terrible Minds – an author blogging ‘for berserker Vikings, the dangerously insane, and… I dunno, grizzly bears or something.’

EsoterX – ‘an anthropological investigation of the ontological status of things that go bump in the night’

Creative Writing with the Crimson League – fantasy writer Victoria Grefer blogging about technical writing challenges

Think Ink – combining psychology and storycraft to create complex and believable characters

Deskover London – (local interest only) reviews of free workspaces in London, incl. opening hours, wifi and socket availability, and atmosphere


Godchecker – the place to go for names, and the stories behind them

Endangered Languages Project – amazing database of rare and extinct languages

Writing Excuses – a podcast by writers, for writers: ’15 minutes long because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart’

Critique Circles – an anonymous critique site for constructive feedback

AgentQuery – ‘the internet’s most trusted database of literary agents’

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows – forgotten words, poetically explained


Link – Publication standards and the modern revolution

Link – Tips to improve writing productivity

Link – Vivisection of writing

Link – George R.R. Martin’s top tips for writing fantasy

Link – A comprehensive list of world-building questions

Link – Balancing character agency

Link – 10 mistakes that will stop an editor reading

Link – An explanation of Orson Scott Card’s MICE Quotient

Link – The importance of drawing a map whilst world-building

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