3 Words, 4 Writers, 5 Stories


Moonlight is ThirdThe differences in people’s imaginations has always interested me. Three individuals can read the same words at the same time, in the same context, and construct completely different pictures in their heads. That’s magical.

At the end of last year I finally put this interest to creative use. I sent the same phrase – moonlight is third – to three other writers and one artist, and asked for the story each of them saw in those three words.

The result, several months later, is an anthology with only one thing uniting its contents: the title. I am proud to present Moonlight is Third – a concoction of magic and murder from the minds of (among others) Andrew Knighton and Charlotte Bond.

Paperbacks are available here.
eBooks are available here.

I hope you enjoy our little project. If it proves popular enough, I’d love for this to become an annual thing (with different titles, of course). If you’re interested in getting involved, please let me know!


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