Green Ink & The Value of Time


imagesYou probably haven’t heard of Green Ink Theatre. There’s absolutely no reason why you should have. It’s a London-based theatre and writing group that runs the writing gyms I attend. But once a year it does something rather special – a Sponsored Write to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. A bunch of writers volunteer a day of their time to be shut in a room and write something – a short story, a short play, a treatise on temporal progression, anything at all. A few weeks later a bunch of actors volunteer a day of their time to be shut in a room and figure out how to perform those somethings on stage. Then they do a one-night show. The writers and actors ask for sponsorship, and all ticket proceeds from the show also go into the pot. I did it last year and it was an education in and of itself.

We volunteer our time because Macmillan is all about making the most of the time cancer patients have, and trying to ensure it is of the highest quality possible. I’ve been asked in the past why someone should sponsor me for spending a day writing, when it’s something I love doing anyway. It’s a fair question. The answer is: because it’s not really about what I’m doing. It’s about why I’m doing it. I’m giving time to a really worthy cause. Yes, I’m spending that time doing something I enjoy, but does that make it innately less valuable or worthy than if I’d been running a marathon or swimming with electric eels? I hope not, because I’m rubbish at running and I haven’t mastered immunity to electric shock yet.

This is something I can do, and do reasonably well, for a great reason. It’s also the one time of the year when I beg people for money. Please consider sponsoring – every little helps us towards our £1,000 target. If you’re interested in buying a ticket for the show of the results, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you the details when they’ve been confirmed.

If you don’t want to sponsor, please consider spreading the word instead. Twitter and Facebook really help us to raise awareness of both the Sponsored Write and the cause. Joanne Harris has retweeted for us – it would be great if you could too! Just to make things super easy, here’s even a tweet you can copy and paste:

Writers/actors locked in a room on Sep 26 & forced to write/act to raise money for . Pls support!

To donate online via JustGiving, click here.

Thank you.


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