Service, Interrupted


I haven’t posted in a while. To be honest, that’s unlikely to change for a while longer. It’s not so much writer’s block – I’ve got no problem coming up with ideas. It’s more a shortage of passion. The stories in my last two projects, Spiritus and Corpus, burned. I couldn’t think of anything but them. They woke me up in the middle of the night, interrupted thought and work. The protagonists were real people to me, and their emotions punched me in the brain.

Since finishing the last round of edits on Corpus, I have attempt to start three new novels.  I knew the stories and protagonists for each. There was a message in each one that interested me. But none of them burned. I’ve managed to get a couple of short stories out but that length of arc is about as far as my attention span will stretch at the moment. It sucks, quite frankly, but I’m too tired to do much about it.

Here, then, is the lesson for this post. It’s not just about having the idea, or the character, or the technical skill. The fourth key component is the emotional energy, the internal resources to live your protagonist’s feelings and world. Currently, I don’t.

To make up for the absent words of wisdom, here’s a list of three current story competitions:

And for London-based types (or those within easy reach), these stellar-looking workshops are coming up. If anyone else is planning to attend the one on 26th June, let me know and I’ll see you there!



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  1. Creation often happens like this is fevered bursts of energy leaving you exhausted and spent. Like a fantastic if cruel lover. 😉
    Once you are rested they come back ready to exhaust you all over again.

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