Animus Update


Today I made a solid start on Animus, having sat looking at the Corpus manuscript for a while with editing pen in hand and getting nowhere. The narrator of Animus is a devious, manipulative, angrily charming guy in a position of no power and a complete inability to lie. It’s turning out to be an awful lot of fun to write.

It’s also coming out in first draft as way more rambling than the other two. This is deliberate – he’s trying to mislead and dodge questions he doesn’t want to answer – but I am slightly wondering whether it will end up as readable. All the events and causes of the story he’s telling will be in there, just not in any kind of discernible order.

I think I’m right in saying that this is a very unusual approach. We generally prefer linear storytelling. It’s certainly easier on the brain. Reading something like Vellum, for example, requires concentration and an enjoyment of jigsaw puzzles. I guess what I’m looking for here is reassurance that it’s something readers do enjoy from time to time!

So, can you think of any books you enjoyed which aren’t linear? Or at least, have a high ramble quota?


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  1. Katherine Kerr’s Deverry books spring to mind, they deal with reincarnation and the interesting situations it can get people into.

  2. Catch 22, one of my all time favourite books, is completely non-linear, jumping back and forth in time, scattering references to events long before we see them played out. It works magnificently. You should be fine.

  3. Iain Banks’ “Use of Weapons” is certainly non-linear, and it has lots of fans (myself included). Many people consider it the best of the Culture series.

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