Mythological Origins of Language Diversity: Are You Fluent in Proto-World?



“Our proto-human ancestors must have had their vocal powers long before they did much at thinking, and their utterances would show much sound for little sense” – Alfred Dwight Sheffield (1873-1961)

Well, at least I can type... Well, at least I can type…

In 1866, The Linguistic Society of Paris banned further discussion on the origins of language, not because it wasn’t an interesting question, but they felt that the lack of direct evidence made speculation on the subject an exercise in intellectual masturbation.  Until about the 1990’s, social scientists largely stopped trying to figure it out, as it was not considered a fruitful topic for serious study.  Those scientists are always so serious.  They need to lighten up.  Except for chemist and accidental inventor of LSD, Albert Hofmann.  That guy knew how to party.  Since nobody was particularly interested in the origins of language, origins of the diversity of languages also wasn’t high up there…

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