Writing Stories – A Lesson From The Kids


Tigermoth linked me to this genius short film today. It’s a story written by kids, acted by adults but voiced by the writers. It has an initial problem, a bad guy, a rise in tension, investigation and a (sort of) round-up. Definitely three acts and conflict. It kind of shows just how deep some of this stuff goes – the fact that little kids can tell a story using these essential components, despite almost certainly never having been taught about them, is a demonstration of how fundamental they are to our idea of storytelling. All our stories – particularly the Western world, as I’m not well enough acquainted with Eastern structure and tropes – contain the same basic building blocks and children subconsciously pick up on those.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the film. It might even inspire you. I will certainly be looking to include more penguins in mine, going forward.

Click here for “Salesman”


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