Time Out


time out

This week I confess that I haven’t actually done any work on Corpus. I’m poised at the beginning of the editing process, all raring and ready to go, and then I got distracted by a different idea. This happens a lot and I’ve become increasingly better at ignoring them or at least putting them on hold until the current project is done. But this idea had a short-term end point – it was something I could do most of in a week. More importantly, it was completely and utterly different to Corpus in every way. So I decided to take some time out before Corpus: Stage 2.

The lesson I’ve learned is that my brain stores up a massive number of ideas in its subconscious when I’m concentrating on one thing. Give them a small window and they will come flooding out. I’ve written up the basis for a whole LARP system in the space of about four days and am genuinely excited about running it. I’m also feeling revitalised about getting back to Corpus editing. Well, they do say a change is as good as a rest. Thank you to Dr. Nick for the inciting spark. With a little bit of luck, London Under will be going ahead in July this year.

And on Monday, I will once again immerse myself in the world of Gallia with renewed enthusiasm.

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