Any Requests?



I hope everyone had a relaxing, fun and generally awesome holiday full of people you love and tasty food (possibly to excess). If desired, I hope you also found a bit of peace and quiet to get some reading/writing done. I already have a couple of things lined up to blog about this year but I’d also like to know what you guys want to hear about. Is there:

  • something I’ve touched on in passing that you’d like me to go into in more detail
  • an opinion on a particular book or film
  • a technique or aspect that I’ve thus far ignored
  • a brief essay on the subject of ancient literary plagiarism (careful what you wish for – I can get quite keen on that subject)
  • recommendations for reference books or quality reading
  • guest posts from other aspects of storytelling
  • tips for how to look after your dinosaur
  • any other business

Please do comment with any requests or suggestions you might have. You’ll give me ideas for things to consider and areas to research, which is always good.


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