Brighton Calling: WFC Update


This weekend I’m in Brighton for the World Fantasy Convention. It’s my first con, and all very exciting. I’ve rubbed shoulders in the audience with Trudi Canavan, had a friendly chat with Tim Powers, and seen Hal Duncan and Scott Lynch in the bar. A real reminder that literary giants are people too, and for the most part incredibly friendly.

I’ve also been to a large number of panel discussions, which I’ll type up over the next fortnight for proper examination. Today I’m going to a very small workshop run by Robin Hobb. This is Awesome(TM).

There’s a book dealers’ room, and an artists’ gallery, and launch parties and signings and gods know what else. There was also a guy selling LotR swords who got into slight trouble with me for implying I wouldn’t know about weighting and design because I’m a girl. Given that about 50% of the audience is female, this surprised me but more on that later when I type up the panel on ‘Broads with Swords’.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Rusky Doo for putting me up, and to blog-reader Francesco for coming to say hi. All the exciting intellectual meat to follow next week when I’m not typing on my phone.


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