As mentioned previously, I’m quite a fan of minimalist writing. Choosing the right words – and only the right ones – is, I think, the best way to give the reader a clear picture of what’s happening without confusing detail or excessive information. It also allows your audience to put their own details to the story, which both makes it more relatable to them and involves them in the act of storytelling.

Poets have to be even more rigorous than writers in making sure they have selected exactly the right words, and that’s a discipline writers should attempt to emulate. I haven’t subjected you to any poetry for a while, and Wendy Cope is a great minimalist poet when she wants to be. See what you make of this, and what story you can extrapolate from it without needing any further detail.


FIREWORKS (from If I Don’t Know)

Faster and faster,

They vanish into darkness:

Our years together.

Write it in fire across the night:

Some men are more or less all right.


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