Bedtime Stories for Small Extraterrestrials: How the Little Green Man Went Grey


As a fantasy genre writer, aliens aren’t usually in my purview. But this is both so well written, and psychologically interesting enough, that I couldn’t leave it.


Once upon a time, the archetypal alien was a little green man bent on claiming this planet for Mars, or destroying the Earth with an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, as it obstructed his view of Venus. Somewhere along the way, our standard diminutive, green extraterrestrial visitor became a grey-skinned, bulbous-headed, big-eyed sexual predator obsessed with abduction and decidedly uncomfortable experiments on humans. While we can accept the possibility that there may have been a change in interstellar management accompanied by a dubious new fad in motivational techniques, it simply begs the question, how did our little green men go grey? The answer, in a nutshell, is that they got smarter.

We’ve tried scrubbing, and we’ve tried soaking, but we’ve still had little green men around for quite some time, certainly predating the appearance of flying saucers in our skies, and even before the appellation was applied to the odd…

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