I Knew It!


Sorry for the absence. Work’s been… well, we’ll leave it at ‘interesting’, shall we?

Anyway, the raptor linked me to a Q&A session with Jim Butcher on reddit today. If you don’t know Jim Butcher, he writes the Harry Dresden Files and Codex Alera. There were some fascinating snippets in his answers, but what mainly made me smile was his approaching to all the really VERY detailed and analytical questions from fans. He’s ‘just’ writing. All this deep meaningful stuff about ethics and tarot skeleton structure, etc, is what other people have read into it. And good for them – it’s fun to find layers of meaning – but don’t assume that it was put there intentionally.

I always suspected this to be the case. During my English Lit GCSE I used to get into major disagreements with my teacher because I felt she was trying to pull far more out of a poem than was ever supposed to be there. I have since decided that it doesn’t matter – what’s important is to learn critical thinking, and that the text makes you think – but the onus of interpretation is on the reader rather than the author. Or, as Jim Butcher linked to illustrate:

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