Tidying Up


I spent a little while last night tidying up the Stories page, clearing out old content and listing the new. The outline of the entire Trinity Theory series is now up, with excerpts from Spiritus and Animus (although not much from the latter as I’ve only just started writing it). There is also the complete short story, entitled Regulus, which canonically fits pretty much in the middle of Spiritus but gives away absolutely nothing about the novel’s story or ending. It’s just a snapshot of what’s going on in the life of the eldest Cirrus sibling, written because beta reader 2forjoy was feeling sorry for him.

Writing Regulus was a challenge in several ways, and I was relatively happy with the way I tackled most of them. Short stories are not my forte and I enjoyed the challenge of working within a much smaller environment, although I doubt I’ll be making a regular thing of it. It wasn’t until afterwards, however, that I realised I hadn’t taken into account the issue I talked about earlier this week – catering for an audience that doesn’t already know the setting. Hopefully it isn’t too opaque to enjoy on its own merits, but it will mean more to anyone who’s read the novel. A useful lesson when writing the beginning of Animus.

Anyway, it’s there if you’re interested. A love story hidden in a Roman noire pastiche. Both new formats for me, both fun to write and – I hope – fun to read. Happy Friday. 🙂

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