Auld Lang Syne


 So long, 2012, and thanks for all the fish. And avoiding the apocalypse. Good practical jokers, those Mayan chaps.

I won’t get another chance to blog until January so I thought I’d do a quick round-up now. In literary terms, this year’s been a great success for me. I have:

  • rediscovered my belief in myself as a writer
  • finished a novel
  • edited a novel (first time for that)
  • submitted a novel for publication (first time for that, too)
  • written a short story
  • learned a massive amount about structure, characterisation, motivations, tension, reveals, and all that jazz

In more mundane life, I’ve also changed jobs, recovered from a minor meltdown, run my biggest conference to date and had my first holiday in years. So, all in all, I think I can give 2012 a B+/A-. Pretty good, but can do better. Achieving publication, for example, or finally managing to move house. These are goals for 2013. Not small ones, but achievable if I set my mind to it and do the graft required.

I have another goal, though. Generally I don’t tend to make New Year’s Resolutions, since I never keep them but this time I’m going to set myself a task. Publication and selling the house both rely on other people, but there’s something that I want to have done before this time next year and that is complete Book 2. That is just down to me and my self-discipline. A professional writer is usually expected to produce one book a year. 2012 was Spiritus – 2013 will be Animus. I may not be a professional but that’s no reason not to behave like one.

Happy Christmas / Yuletide / Midwinter festival of your choice, and good luck for 2013!


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