Empathy & Motivation


I have been a little bit productive this week, rather than very productive. I’ve made it three quarters of the way through the heroic crown of sonnets (it’s actually a little easier than I expected, once I wised up to the trick of writing the 15th sonnet first), drafted the outline of the short story requested by 2forjoy, and identified the key drivers for the protagonists of Corpus.

On that last subject, the raptor and I had an interesting conversation last night about empathetic motivations. Obviously, if you don’t share a character’s core values, it’s that much harder to identify with them. The key driver for the protagonists of Spiritus are loyalty, duty and honour – none of these are particularly overpowering in the raptor’s world-view so, whilst he can understand their actions, he doesn’t have much sympathy. But is it necessary to like a character in order to enjoy the story?

Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll get on much better with the Corpus characters, since the major theme there is patriotism vs self-preservation. It’s a topic that I find very interesting, particularly having been brought up in a military family but not being military myself.

In the meantime, I’m off to another world this weekend for some hands-on fantasy and violence. Happy days.

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