Today is Yesterday, and Tomorrow is Watching


In a straight exchange for yesterday’s guest blog by Andrew Knighton, I wrote one for him. It’s here.

I’m afraid today is largely filled with writing and vocabulary jigsaw puzzles of a very different kind. I have to go and write about the operational challenges of digital services, extended value chains and big data analytics for work. It’s actually pretty interesting stuff, especially when you start getting into debates on who owns customer data (i.e. information about you, the consumer) – is it yours, or the company’s that collected it? Who has the right to access it or use it? Would you rather companies marketed every kind of product at you, or analyse what you’re interested in and make creepily accurate guesses about the things you might like? Where’s the line between personalisation of service, and corporate stalking? Some of the things they can extrapolate from apparently trivial information are quite worrying. And believe me, the phone companies are only just catching up. If there’s anyone that really, REALLY knows you, it’s your bank.

Just occasionally, the things I learn at work worry me.


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