Keep The Themes Straight


The raptor has returned his chapter-by-chapter critique of Spiritus, and done a sterling job. Best dinosaur ever. There’s a lot of little bits and pieces to pick up on, plus a couple of bigger things which I was already vaguely aware of and he’s helped pin down. But there’s one major problem. A theme, running through most of the book, which I didn’t intentionally put there.

Now, normally I’m all for reader interpretation and I think that the audience finding something hidden and unintentional in a story is awesome. But this particular theme is not one I’m comfortable with and doesn’t fit the characters, at least not in the way I’d visualised them. It’s a bit weird, actually – without intending to, I have written a thread running throughout the story of violence tied up in sexuality, whilst at the same time thinking about the characters as primarily pretty asexual. Bit worrying.

I could leave it in there and make a more conscious thing of it, but it’s actually not a theme I’m happy tackling (at least not in this story, where I’m trying to do other things). It’s easy enough to tweak things to remove it, but it has got me wondering what the hell goes on in the invisible bits of my brain that belong to other characters.

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