Changing Direction


I have been playing about with Corpus for a while now, happy with the narrator and the story but worried by two things: the change in setting and tone from Spiritus. If people like the first book, the concern is that fundamentally altering the style for the second is a Bad Plan.

This weekend, however, on a long drive home an alternative option was put forward. Why not tell the other side of the story? It’s not often that you get to hear the bad guy’s version, after all, especially if he’s not necessarily a bad guy. What could drive a man to kill his god, save his people from rebellion and then lead them to invade? That’s got to be a story worth hearing, right?

So I just joyfully threw 5000 words out the window, abandoned a most persistently vocal character, and have started again with a lot more confidence. This is mainly a post to say thank you.


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