Cold Turkey


I haven’t yet started on Book 2 – partly because I don’t want to get out of the ‘voice’ of Spiritus until the editing’s done, and partly because I’m so used to pushing it aside that actually getting down to it is mentally a bit of a challenge. This means that I’m not doing any writing at the moment. It’s possible this is a good thing – it’s time to give my poor little creative juices a chance to rest, and catch up on my reading. As the raptor very rightly pointed out last week, I have a pile of books by my bed which have been gathering dust for the last couple of months because all available reading time became writing time.

But going cold turkey from writing is taking it’s toll. I had a Sunday free this weekend – a rare occurrence, and normally ideal for getting some solid book-work done. Instead I played Age of Empires for a few hours and wound up feeling grumpy because I’d had a thoroughly unproductive afternoon.

Back in January, when I was consciously trying to form writing habits, I had to exercise a fair amount of self discipline. After a while it became easy because it was both a habit and a drive. I think starting Book 2 might need the same kind of self discipline – not to form the writing habit, but to move from one book to the other. Given how long I’ve been planning this sequel, that realisation came as quite a surprise.

Writing is weird.


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