Getting Into Print


No, we’re not at the ‘trying to get published’ stage yet. This is just a random lesson I learned this week about the surprising challenges of beta reading. Some of my betas wanted hard copies, rather than soft, which is entirely fair and I’d do the same. We’re of the generation which still quite likes to work with paper and finds it easier to proof the page than the screen.

Turns out getting a novel printed for editing is trickier than it sounds. Most commercial printers – by which I mean, the types who print brochures or flyers or whatever – have a page limit which is rather limited. And inside that page limit they are expensive (over £12 per copy in some cases). It’s not that they absolutely can’t print documents more than 250 pages long, but they don’t offer it as an easy option – you have to call them up and negotiate.

Lulu, on the other hand, is fine with a high page count, does perfect binding and a cover as part of the deal, and charges less than £8 per copy. It seemed like a bit of overkill for a copy that is just going to be scribbled on anyway, but there we go. Cheaper, faster, and looks better. I was surprised and impressed.

So there you go – another weird thing I learned on the road to writing and publishing a book.

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