The Dark Write(r)


Like many writers, I keep a notepad by my bed. Not to record my dreams – 99% of which make no sense, and 1% of which are too scary to forget – but for a rather more antisocial reason. One that also requires a torch.

You see, the brain – irritating organ that it is – doesn’t conveniently stop creating just because you’ve turned the lights out. Everyone’s familiar with the sudden recollection of something they forget to do, which eats away at them and prevents sleep until they’ve written it down. The thing is that lying in the dark, with no internet or chores to distract you, is a perfect way to come up with ideas. And once you’ve had them, it’s imperative to make a note of them before the endless procession of marshmallow craziness that is your sleeping subconscious obliterates them forever. If you don’t, you spend the whole of the following day trying to recapture them, and knowing what you’ve got this time isn’t nearly as good as the elusive perfection of last night.

In fact, this sums it up pretty perfectly:

Of course, ‘I have to write something down’ is generally not an acceptable excuse at 1am, as far as your long-suffering partner is concerned. The raptor is pretty understanding, but testing the limits of a dinosaur’s patience is rarely advisable. Which is why this blog was furtively scribbled whilst hiding in the kitchen. Well, I had to record the conversation in my head anyway…


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