Self Indulgence


It’s Friday, the sun’s out, and I’m feeling good about myself. So here’s one of my poems. Feel free to not read this post!


A night at Venice Carnivale, court of Fate and Chance.
The swirl of rainbow silks, the flashing jewels, and over all
The masks, the masks, the paper people playing at the Fool.
A night to fall in circled arms – come, stranger, shall we dance?
A crimson violin is singing tangos to a star;
The gondolier is crooning as he slides us from the street
And into shadowed ways. In shadowed passages lips meet;
A sweeter dance, my painted one. Ars Amatoria.

But, thoughtless as a diamond, dawn will not withhold its light.
I wake and she’s already gone. I never knew her name.
Our masks can’t last forever – all that glitters is not gold;
The music dies, the shadows fade, and fantasy takes flight.
Do I feel tears upon my hand? A kiss? Or only rain?
The streets are paved with rubbish, and the gondola is old.

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